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Drumm named administrator for rural surgery residency program

Anthony J. Drumm has been selected program administrator for the Marshall Community Health Consortium’s new rural general surgery residency program, a joint effort between the Marshall University Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine and Logan Regional Medical Center.

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What doctors think about antidepressants and the ‘serotonin


Two GPs and two psychiatrists provide reactions from the mental health coalface to a new systematic umbrella review that questions the role ‘chemical imbalance’ plays in depression.

Woman taking pill
Experts are concerned a recent study could cause doctors and patients to question SSRIs unnecessarily.

Last week, psychiatrists published a piece in the aftermath of their study, questioning the role of a

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What dog owners can do about separation anxiety

Pandemic-related shutdowns in 2020 gave many people who believed they didn’t have time for pets the push they needed to adopt.

But with many offices haltingly bringing employees back and vacations in full swing, pet owners and people who work with dogs are starting to grapple with animals’ separation anxiety and other problems.

Nihcole Adams, a dog walker and sitter

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