Fans were left in awe of This Morning presenter Alison Hammond, after she lost a huge amount of weight by focusing on her diet and fitness plan. And she revealed she made one major change to her diet by cutting out sugar to ditch the pounds.

At her heaviest, Alison weighed 20 stone and once admitted she was embarrassed by her size.

Her weight drop came after her late mother, who sadly died in February 2020 from liver and lung cancer, had battled with diabetes.

Alison was also diagnosed with a pre-diabetic condition that same year and she knew she had to drastically change her lifestyle.

She explained: “I’ve never had health issues until then. It scared me because my mum had diabetes and I want to be there for my son.

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“I’m no longer pre-diabetic, and I’m doing really well.

“I’ve been doing that for a while now, and you know something? I feel fitter, I feel stronger.

“I might not look perfect yet, but personally, I’m perfect, full stop,” she beamed.

She also joined WW (formerly Weight Watchers) to speed up the process by opting for healthier meals.

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“This is something I wanted to achieve for a long time and I haven’t managed it on my own, so I went to my local workshop and met my lovely Wellness Coach Andrea and the rest is history,” she said.

“I’m falling in love with the journey and hope you will support me as much as you can.”

She continued to tell her social media fans at the time: “I know this may sound a bit corny but I’m so happy doing as it’s given me the confidence to just embrace myself fully.

“I never really liked my face without make-up as I have dark patches but now I’m totally loving myself and falling in love with me while I’m away on holiday.

“I don’t have to have make-up to be beautiful because I’m beautiful full stop. Yes! Please join my crusade of loving yourself!”

She revealed she has increased her fruit, vegetable and water intake, having realised she was mistaking hunger for thirst.

“I try to get through at least two litres of water every day now and that makes me feel so much better,” she explained.

Alongside her diet overhaul, Alison enlisted the help of a personal trainer who introduced her to a fitness routine that included weight lifting workouts.

“I’m doing a bit more exercise. I now have a personal trainer and he’s amazing,” she said.

“I work at my own pace – we do circuits and I absolutely love it.”

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