Amyl Guard is a weight loss supplement that works by inhibiting amylase.

By taking two capsules of Amyl Guard daily, you can purportedly shut down the fat-storing sugar enzyme in your body, making it difficult to lose weight.

Can you lose weight with Amyl Guard? How does Amyl Guard work? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about this weight loss supplement today in our review.

What is Amyl Guard?

Amyl Guard is a carb blocker that claims to help you lose 57lbs of belly fat in a short period with minimal effort.

Just take Amyl Guard daily, then lose weight. The formula works by inhibiting a digestive enzyme called amylase. Amylase breaks down sugar and stores it in your body. By inhibiting the activity of this enzyme, you can block carbs, making it easier to lose weight.

The formula was developed based on a 5-second Japanese appetizer. Some Japanese people take amylase inhibitors daily to block carbs.

Best of all, the makers of Amyl Guard claim you can lose significant weight without changing your diet or exercise habits. In fact, you can continue to eat the foods you like without gaining weight.

Here’s how the manufacturer of Amyl Guard describes the fat-burning effects of the supplement:

“…anyone, no matter their age, genetics or how many times they failed in the past…You can use this simple 5-second Japanese appetizer to melt every ounce of excess belly, hip, and thigh fat…Without cardio…”

The best way to lose weight is by following a healthy diet and exercise program. However, Amyl Guard claims explicitly to help you lose all unwanted fat without cardio or dieting.

The formula’s creator specifically claims to have eaten pizza, pasta, sandwiches, and other carb-rich foods – and she still lost 57lbs after taking Amyl Guard for a few months.

Keep reading to discover how Amyl Guard works and what the supplement does.

How Does Amyl Guard Work?

Amyl Guard works by reducing amylase levels in the body.

The supplement is sourced from a traditional Japanese weight loss secret. The formula’s creator met a Japanese woman who helped her develop the optimal solution for weight loss.

The Japanese diet is rich in ingredients that lower amylase levels in the body. These ingredients allow Japanese people to consume carb-heavy meals without gaining weight.

“…the most popular food among the Japanese is called “The Green Heart Of Okinawa….” They eat it at every meal as an appetizer…Either raw, as a tea, in soup…And research shows that it’s credited with keeping the Japanese healthy and fit into their 80’s, 90’s even past 100 years old…Without diet or exercise…”

Instead of eating exotic Japanese food daily to lose weight, you can take Amyl Guard. The supplement contains a blend of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and plant extracts to help you rapidly lose weight.

Who Made Amyl Guard?

Lauren Wilson, a Charlotte, North Carolina-based woman, developed Amyl Guard. Lauren has a background in medicine: she’s a nurse practitioner. She used that background to develop Amyl Guard, although she’s careful to explain that she is not a doctor, nutritionist, or personal trainer.

Lauren was motivated to develop Amyl Guard after struggling to lose her pregnancy weight.

Lauren tried different diet and exercise routines, but nothing worked.

Lauren’s weight loss struggles came to a crisis point when her daughter developed an eating disorder. Lauren’s 13-year-old daughter didn’t want to gain weight like her mom, so she stopped eating her food. Eventually, she ended up in the hospital. That’s when Lauren realized she needed to make a change:

“I was going to do everything I could to figure out the weight loss puzzle or die trying! If not for me, for my daughter’s sake.”

Lauren spent months researching weight loss secrets. Eventually, her search led her to talk to a Japanese woman at work. That woman was ordering a carb-heavy meal, yet she was skinny. Lauren asked for her secret.

The Japanese woman, Nina Suzuki, shared her secret with Lauren. She is an obesity biochemist who works at the hospital. Nina told Lauren about an enzyme called amylase. By reducing amylase levels, you can lose weight rapidly.

Lauren incorporated Nina’s amylase-reducing strategies into Amyl Guard. Today, anyone can take Amyl Guard to lower amylase enzyme activity and lose weight quickly and easily.

Amyl Guard Ingredients

Amyl Guard contains a blend of natural ingredients designed to block the activity of amylase and help you rapidly lose weight while eating whatever you like. Some ingredients are derived from the Japanese diet, while others are alternative weight loss aids.

The full list of ingredients in Amyl Guard includes:

White Kidney Bean: According to the makers of Amyl Guard, the white kidney bean is one of the four most powerful amylase blockers on the planet. It helps return your amylase levels to normal. It’s been praised by Dr. Oz for its miraculous weight loss benefits. Studies show it can help you lose weight compared to a placebo, with some studies suggesting it works by blocking amylase.

Bitter Melon Extract: Bitter melon extract is sourced from a rare Japanese vegetable. Studies show that natural extract regulates amylase in various ways, making it fast and easy to lose weight. The makers of Amyl Guard claim it’s the “best amylase regulator in existence.”

Chromium Picolinate: Chromium picolinate is a mineral. According to the makers of Amyl Guard, the chromium picolinate in their formula can help improve fat loss by 553% when combined with the other active ingredients.

Berberine: Popular in diabetes supplements and blood sugar regulators, berberine has been used for thousands of years in traditional medicine – particularly in traditional Chinese and Korean medicines. According to the makers of Amyl Guard, berberine can help improve the function of fat regulating hormones, making it easy to lose weight.

Thanks to these four active ingredients, Amyl Guard “helps you lose weight with virtually zero effort”, according to the manufacturer. You can eat whatever you like, avoid any exercise, and still lose 30 to 60lbs in a short period, according to the official website.

Scientific Evidence for Amyl Guard

Most weight loss supplement companies do not invest in clinical trials because they’re expensive. However, Lauren and the creators of Amyl Guard claim to have completed a trial involving 28 people.

To be involved in this trial, you needed to meet four requirements:

  • Be at least 30 years old
  • Like eating carbs
  • Struggled to lose weight in the past
  • Have at least 15lbs of stubborn fat you’re struggling to get rid of

Each of the 28 people took Amyl Guard. All 28 people lost weight, regardless of their age or gender. Lauren claims some participants looked 20 years younger, and all needed to buy new clothes.

In order words, Amyl Guard had a 100% success rate for helping people lose weight – even with no dieting, exercising, or other lifestyle changes required.

Participants in the study ate pizza, cake, donuts, rice, potatoes, and whatever they liked. They could eat any food in any amount and still lose weight – as long as they took Amyl Guard before each meal.

Unfortunately, the makers of Amyl Guard do not link to further details about this trial, nor do they disclose where the trial was published. A 100% success-rate natural supplement would be a breakthrough story and a big deal.

However, other studies have examined the individual ingredients in Amyl Guard, including white kidney bean extract and others. We’ll review some of that scientific evidence below.

In this 2020 study published in Nutrients, for example, researchers found white kidney bean extract could help you lose a small but significant amount of weight without changes to diet or exercise habits. Researchers gave white kidney bean extract to a group of people, then found it led to an average weight loss of 2.6kg (5.7lbs) over a placebo.

It’s no secret that white kidney bean extract is linked to amylase. You can find plenty of white kidney bean supplements online today that claim to inhibit amylase. Most studies – and most white kidney bean supplements – use a dose of around 750mg to 1,500mg, which is higher than the 300mg dose used in Amyl Guard.

Amyl Guard also contains chromium picolinate for its weight loss effects. In this 2010 study, researchers examined the effects of chromium and weight loss. Participants took 1,000mcg of chromium picolinate or a placebo for 24 weeks. Participants did not lose more or less weight while taking chromium. However, other studies have linked chromium to blood sugar regulation, which could help control food cravings and make it easier to stick to your diet.

Amyl Guard uses bitter melon extract to help you lose weight. In this 2015 study published in the Journal of Lipids, researchers found bitter melon supplements had a beneficial role in obesity and related complications. Researchers found bitter melon could induce lipid and fat metabolization, making it easier to lose weight. The bitter melon extract is widely used as a daily vegetable in Bangladesh and other Asian countries. Researchers believe the weight loss effects are linked to “strong antioxidant and hypoglycemic activities.”

Berberine is also a popular weight loss aid and blood sugar support ingredient. Researchers in this 2020 study published in Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy reviewed evidence connecting berberine to weight loss. Researchers found berberine could benefit weight loss, blood sugar regulation, and cholesterol when taken in doses of 300mg to 1,000mg per day. Because of these effects, researchers found berberine could help with weight loss and other effects.

Amyl Guard contains ingredients that could support weight loss and normal amylase enzyme levels. However, there’s no evidence you can eat whatever you like, avoid exercise, and still lose significant weight while taking Amyl Guard.


How Much Weight Can You Lose?

Amyl Guard’s website is filled with testimonials from women who have lost significant weight in a short time by taking Amyl Guard.

Many of these women claim to have lost weight without dieting, exercising, or exerting any effort. Some of these women have even continued to eat their favorite foods.

Here are some of the weight loss testimonials featured on

  • One 56-year-old woman lost 32lbs of fat while taking Amyl Guard, transforming her bloated belly into her pre-baby figure
  • Another woman dropped eight dress sizes and now fits easily into clothes she wore in her 20s
  • Another woman dropped 73lbs while taking Amyl Guard, helping her get rid of the weight she was carrying from her three pregnancies.
  • Lauren, the creator of Amyl Guard, lost 11lbs after 14 days of taking Amyl Guard; she also deliberately ate carb-rich foods during this process, including cinnamon French toast for breakfast, pizza and pasta for dinner, and sandwiches for lunch; after a few months of taking Amyl Guard, Lauren had lost 57lbs
  • Nina Suzuki, the obesity biochemist who helped create Amyl Guard, used to weigh close to 300lbs before taking the ingredients in Amyl Guard; now, she weighs close to 120lbs.

The Amyl Guard team conducted a clinical trial on their supplement involving 28 women who had struggled to lose weight; in that trial, 100% of participants lost weight regardless of their age and gender, and nobody dieted or exercised during the trial.

Amyl Guard Pricing

Amyl Guard is priced at $29 to $59 per bottle, depending on your selected package.

Here’s how pricing breaks down:

  • 1 Bottle Amyl Guard: $59 + Shipping
  • 3 Bottles Amyl Guard: $147 + Shipping
  • 6 Bottles Amyl Guard: $174 + Free Shipping + 2 Free Bonuses

Each bottle has a one-month supply of Amyl Guard or 60 capsules. The manufacturer recommends taking two capsules daily to lose weight effortlessly.


Bonuses Included with Amyl Guard

If you buy the 6-bottle package of Amyl Guard, you get two free bonus eBooks delivered immediately to your inbox. Those two eBooks include:

Bonus #1: Skinny Carb Cookbook: This cookbook teaches you how to make things like skinny grilled cheese sandwiches and low-carb double chocolate brownies. Although Amyl Guard claims explicitly to work without reducing your carbs or calories, the Skinny Carb Cookbook can enhance your weight loss efforts without forcing you to give up the foods you like.

Bonus #2: Skinny Solution Meditations: This package of digital files includes music and sounds to help you meditate. You can discover how to reprogram your subconscious to lose weight, making weight loss even more effortless than it is typically with Amyl Guard. You can break unhealthy patterns with food, calm overthinking, and become a healthier you.


Amyl Guard Refund Policy

A 365-day moneyback guarantee backs Amyl Guard.

If you’re unhappy with the results of Amyl Guard for any reason, or if you did not lose significant weight in a short time, then you are entitled to a complete refund with no questions asked.

Returns Address: Nutraville 25425 Rye Canyon Rd. Valencia, CA 91355

About Amyl Guard

Amyl Guard is made by a supplement company named Nutraville. Nutraville partnered with a nurse practitioner named Lauren Wilson and an obesity biochemist named Nina Suzuki to create Amyl Guard. Both Lauren and Nina work at a hospital.

Nutraville makes a range of natural supplements targeting different health and wellness goals, including weight loss, inflammation, and more. Other popular Nutraville supplements include Gluta Raise and cAMP Boost.

You can contact the Amyl Guard customer service team via the following:

Nutraville makes Amyl Guard in an FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility in the United States. The company is based in Valencia, California.

Final Word

Amyl Guard is a weight loss formula that promises to be an easy solution for weight loss.

The official website says, “Amyl Guard helps you lose weight with virtually zero effort.” You don’t need to exercise, nor do you need to restrict your diet. In fact, the manufacturer of Amyl Guard specifically recommends eating carb-rich foods while taking Amyl Guard – including pizza, pasta, and sandwiches.

According to the manufacturer, Amyl Guard works by reducing the digestive enzyme amylase levels within your body, making it easy to lose weight.

To learn more about Amyl Guard and its miraculous weight loss effects or to buy the Amyl Guard online today, visit the official website at

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