Why does it, seem, many aren’t ready, willing, and/ or, able, to do, what they can, to aid, their own HEALTH? Although, there are times, when, it appears, no matter, how careful, one is, they still suffer, from some, health/ medical reversal/ issue, there are, often, situations, when, our actions (either, those, we take, or fail – to), dictate, our, overall, health, and well – being! Do you, do, everything, you can, to take the best care, of yourself, possible? With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and, why it matters!

1. Healing; head/ heart: Begin, by knowing, yourself, as well, as possible, so you know, what really matters, to you! When, we emphasize, healing ourselves, our opportunity, for the happiest, most – fulfilling, life, is enhanced! To achieve this, we must fully consider, both, our emotional, as well as logical components, using, a head/ heart balance!

2. Enrich; endurance; excellence; emphasis; efforts; effects: If, you won’t do, your best, to enrich your life, your quality of efforts, will have unsatisfying, demanding effects! You must proceed, with the persistence, to demonstrate endurance, and a personal willingness, to consistently, demand your utmost excellence, rather than settling for, good – enough! When, you place your primary emphasis, where it, might, do, you, the most – good, you optimize your chances, for better, overall health!

3. Attitude; aptitude; actions: It takes a realistic, positive, can – do, attitude, combined with a well – developed, relevant aptitude, and skill – sets, to be ready, willing, and able, to proceed, with the most – meaningful actions!

4. Listen; learn; logic/ logical: Instead, of, believing, you know, it all, and have every answer, it is wiser, to effectively, listen, and learn, from every conversation and experience, in order to become, the best, you can be! Don’t let your emotions, rule your actions, but, commit to proceed, in an objective, introspective manner, in order to seriously, consider the most logical actions, and ideas, and proceed with valuable, inner – logic!

5. Time – tested; timely; trends; truth: Don’t lie, to yourself, or try to fool, yourself! Rather, proceed, with well – considered, timely action, and take advantage of time – tested, knowledge, and expertise! Understand current trends, in order to position yourself, to be able, to prepare, for the finest opportunities, options and alternatives! Beyond, everything, always tell yourself, the truth!

6. Haste; heed: Take your time, and make better decisions! Avoid, proceeding, with – haste, but, simultaneously, heed, what you discover, and proceed, accordingly!

Only you, can usually, enhance your possibilities, in terms of your overall HEALTH! Give yourself, a check – up, from the neck – up, and effectively, pay attention, to what you discover, and, hopefully learn!