Our knees play a pivotal role in your mobility. And when they start to malfunction, things can go slightly awry.

There are many reasons for one to have bad knees; some may be suffering from arthritis, other may have sustained injury.

Regardless of the underlying cause, the pain is just as palpable. Of many issues that then people face, exercise is one. If not done well, it might exacerbate the pain in the knees. Yet, exercise is important for the knees and the body in general, especially if the knees hurt due to obesity.

Prior to exercising, you should first consult your physiotherapist or Orthopedic Surgeon as not everyone is fit enough to exercise.

Exercises for your bad knees


Cycle is excellent for revving your heart rate, and yet is good on the knees. When you are sitting on the bike, your pelvic region is doing most of the job. Your knees are not taking any of the weight, and yet your legs are getting sufficient workout. Moreover, cycling also improves core performance as well.

You can either go for a stationary bike, or you can also take up cycling through the park or around the city.

Chest squeeze with medicine ball

This exercise is focused on the upper body. Stand up straight and bring the ball to the chest level. Then, squeeze the ball with your hands. Following this, you slowly push out the ball, keeping your elbows straight. Bring the ball back to the chest by bending your elbows again. Repeat as required.

Hamstring curl

Fairly easy to do, hamstring curl are low-impact exercises. To do it, simply stand behind the chair. Using it for support, bring your foot back and up, so that it rests to your buttocks. Repeat that action for the other knees. Complete this track with at least 10 rounds of curls.


Swimming is an excellent exercise for those suffering from knee or ankle injury. It does not stress the joints, and yet is effective for working the muscles. Since it is a good form of cardio, therefore is helpful for those looking for to lose the excess weight as well.

There are many different types of swimming exercises that you can do to benefit from it. Water aerobics is one such fun group activity that can be useful.

Modified jumping jacks

You might think that jumping jacks are not good for your knees, and that is correct. The action of jumping takes significant toll on the ankle and the knees, but the modified version is not hard on the joints.

What it entails is rather than jumping, you are just to move your leg to the left and the right, with moving your arms alongside. Add slight movement to your spine, so that your core is also involved then.

Marching with ball

To do the marching exercise, simply take your exercise or medicine ball. Hold it over your head with both hands. Then, bring that ball down as your lift your knee up. Touch the ball to the knee and move your arms back over your head. Repeat with your other knee. Continue this march for at least one minute.

Side leg lift

This exercise mainly involves your core. To do this, stand next to a chair or wall for support. Then, lift your leg, and keep your foot flexed. Make sure that your leg is aligned. Your back should also be straight and not slouched.

Repeat on the other side as well. Try to do at least 10 rounds, and 1-3 reps.

Rowing machine

Rowing machine is more useful for upper body workout. It also works the lower limbs as well, however, be careful with using rowing machine. While some people can benefit from it, in others, the rowing machine may aggravate their condition, meriting a visit to the Best Orthopedic Surgeon in Multan then.