Rick Dreyer was a man worth learning from.

Back in their days with the then-Greater Fall River Chamber of Commerce, Dreyer, chairman of the board, gave Robert Boisselle, chamber president, a valuable piece of advice that would serve Boisselle well.

The president of Charlton Memorial Hospital, Dreyer had a strategy for achieving time efficiency at his hospital board of directors meetings. One week in advance of a meeting, he would send out to board members a president’s report, which included minutes of the previous meeting and the agenda for the upcoming meeting.

“He told me make sure you, as president, give them a report in advance so everyone’s up to speed,” Boisselle said on Wednesday from his home on Bradenton, Fla. “So you don’t waste time answering questions you’ve already answered.”

Boisselle wisely took the advice and that helped keep those scheduled one-hour chamber meetings on schedule. And after Boisselle left the chamber to head a builders association in Rhode Island, he continued issuing his president’s reports, much to the pleasure of association members. “It knocked their socks off,” Boisselle said.

Frederic "Rick" Dreyer, president emeritus and honorary trustee of Charlton Memorial Hospital, has died.

Organization was certainly among the attributes, though certainly not the only one, that Frederic Dreyer is being remembered for. The man who helped merge the Union and Truesdale hospitals into Charlton Memorial Hospital and who was CMH and Charlton Health System president from 1975 to 1995, Dreyer died on Friday, July 8, in Falmouth.

“He was such an amazing guy,” Boisselle said. “Such an important part of the community.”

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