Why I Follow The Way Of Eating Medical Media

Not interested

For the last 8 months I have been following the Medical Medium way of eating. I have purchased several of his books, such as his thyroid cure book, but never read it because my thyroid test results were close and have remained that way for several years now. So I sold his books because I knew he believed viruses were the root cause of many diseases, especially the Epstein Barr Virus, and I had known about it and the test results showed it; I feel helpless to think that the virus has so much power over my health.


Then after starting therapy using Logosynthesis with Anni Reynolds, she casually asked if I knew how to eat Medical Medium and I ignored her, saying yes, I’m not really interested.

Keto Doesn’t Work for Me

Then I found some information that brought his eating habits back on my radar, I learned that cutting carbs, which I had done by eating Wheat Belly, then eating Paleo and Keto, could cause thyroid problems. I later found others who said they too ended up with health problems by cutting back on carbs. (In my recovery from hyperthyroidism, I ate whatever I wanted, including lots of cakes and biscuits, as it was quite difficult to eat because I had no appetite).

So I read the first book Medical Medium, which is an overview of how to eat it, and listened to most of its podcasts and looked at its website. And I’m beginning to understand that you can work slowly to get rid of the virus from your body, and that certain foods can heal.

I felt hopeless about food and its healing powers, because I assumed that I was eating healthy and doing nothing but making me sicker. I soon realized that cutting out certain food groups was the problem.

Celery Juice

I immediately started juicing celery, realizing that half a bunch of celery in the morning was my sweet spot, where I wasn’t detoxing too fast and my body could handle it.

Medical Media will release a book about celery juice.

Within a week most of my digestive symptoms disappeared, namely bloating and stomach acid. Almost every morning I drink celery juice, in the early days I missed the odd days because I felt the need to rest, now I don’t have such strong detox symptoms.

It also took me a while to understand his Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie which I try to have almost every day. One of the ingredients is Dulse and I made it into capsules and have it that way, because putting it in a smoothie makes me feel really nauseous when I put it in a smoothie. You can have all the ingredients separately, as long as you have them all within 24 hours.


He is great at eating Fruits. We’ve literally been brainwashed into believing that Fruit is bad, and having more fruit in my diet actually helps with sugar cravings. There is a feeling of fullness that I eat this way, that I never follow any other protocol.


In the last half week I have decided to become Vegetarian. I still eat about 90% vegetarian and I feel less and less craving for meat and chicken and realize that by not committing to it, I can’t look at other foods that might make me feel fuller, ahead of Winter. Things like vegan hamburger buns, make the food heavier.

Heart Rescue

His new book on how to deeply help your liver, and has 369 protocols for detoxification. I haven’t tried it because some of the ingredients are seasonal, like asparagus. So I will wait until the end of the year.

She has everything you need to know on her website, the best supplements to take, recipes, recipe videos, blog posts, podcasts, and a very helpful Facebook group for asking fellow Medical Media followers questions.

I definitely feel clearer and less pain in my body eating this way.

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