Alla Nicolulis, a Naturopathic Physician and Licensed Acupuncturist celebrating her practice’s grand opening this Friday, actually traces her fascination in the field to ministration from her grandmother in Ukraine.

“In Ukraine, where people live in villages, they use like folk medicine, herbs, hardly take medications,” Nicolulis recalled. “It’s all farm raised food and animals. They don’t buy basically anything. I remember as child, when I was sick, grandmother said ‘Oh, she just needs to take this.’ She had some herbs for everything.”

By age six, Nicolulis knew she wanted to be a physician. By age 20, she already had a diploma equivalent to physician assistant and started working at the local hospital.

After completing six years of medical school and becoming a MD in Ukraine, she completed two years of internal disease residency in the hospital in her home town.

“In my practice I used not only pharmaceutical treatment plans for patients, but also incorporated herbs, physiotherapy, diet and nutritional counseling,” Nicolulis said. “I saw that combining all these together can bring much faster and sometimes longer lasting results in treating diseases.”

Her next stop was America. After marriage to her husband, Joe, she expanded her interest in the holistic healing powers of Naturopathic and Chinese medicine by attending National University of Natural Medicine in Portland. Looking for a rural location to raise their growing twin boys, the Nicolulises ended up in Dallas in 2016.

Nicolulis officially opened her practice in Dallas around the start of the year. She has noticed a growing interest by the public in her naturalist ministrations.

“A lot of people growing more interested. There is a place in care for medicine and surgery. However, a lot of good can combine everything appropriate for your situation. Going naturalistic health can help,” she said.

In addition to Chinese techniques, including herbs and acupuncture, Nicolulis also offers FDA approved skin treatments, including microneedling, plasma skin tightening and frequency specific microcurrent. “Skin has been my passion since I was a child, when I had a skin condition,” Nicolulis said. “When you struggle with something, you learn more about it, become passionate about it. Skin is almost like a mural, you come to see what’s happening inside.”

Her husband Joe, the invaluable go-to guy in her professional development, has seen the response to his wife’s specialty within the community.

“Everybody I’ve talked to are excited to find out there’s a naturopathic in town, and then learn she does Chinese medicine, too, they get more excited,” he said. “Because (none of this) is available anywhere else out here. That’s why we came here, instead of opening in Salem or somewhere else. Hopefully, we can stay in the community.”

They invite the community to check out Alla’s practice during a ribbon cutting ceremony at noon July 14 at 298 East Ellendale Ave., Suite #602.

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