St. Joseph County officials say there's no plan to close Portage Manor, a home for disabled adults, but are exploring ways to raise revenue at the site.

SOUTH BEND — Christine Hinz had been leading Portage Manor for less than three months when she openly worried about losing her job with the county-run group home for aged adults and others with disabilities. The manor’s oversight board hired her despite her lack of licensure to lead such a site, but a state inspector soon called out the discrepancy.

A month later, Hinz would resign effective immediately with a two-sentence letter to St. Joseph County leaders. She offered no explanation for her decision. A new administrator was appointed to replace her 12 days later.

Hinz’s resignation was the second in less than a year from a role whose purpose is to oversee the care of more than 120 residents in the northwest South Bend facility that opened in 1907. Both losses come at a time when Portage Manor leaders are watching their cash reserves drain and advocating for a new building in order to avoid a full closure.

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