Princess Eugenie is the youngest daughter of the Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, the Duke and Duchess of York. The royal has lost weight in recent years, most notably before her marriage to Jack Brooksbank in 2018. She also shed her post-pregnancy weight after giving birth to her son, August, in February 2021.

Eugenie is always praised for her appearance whenever she is seen out in public.

Earlier this month, she looked slim in a navy blue mid-length dress, adorned with gold suns and stars, when she attended the United Nations’ (UN) second Ocean Conference in Lisbon.

Royal fans were quick to point out how good Eugenie looked. Instagram user Jennifer Anderson said: “You are glowing.”

Krista Green added: “Your dress in the first picture is gorgeous.”

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Eugenie has managed to maintain her ideal weight, but how did she shed the pounds in the first place?

It is estimated that the Princess lost around four pounds back in 2018, according to personal trainer Jess Tonking. This was likely in preparation for her wedding on October 12, 2018.

Jess said: “Princess Eugenie has a gorgeous shape with all the right curves but it does appear more recently she may have shed some body fat in prep for her wedding.


“If she has been following a weight training programme it’s hard to determine how much weight she has lost due to muscle gain.

“I believe she may have lost three percent body fat in the six weeks since the Royal Wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s wedding was on May 19, 2018.

But it seems Eugenie’s health kick started earlier than 2018.

“Or I go with my best friend to this amazing, women-only gym called Grace Belgravia.”

As for diet, Eugenie has unveiled she sometimes chooses to follow a vegan diet, and even hosted a birthday party back in 2019 with a completely plant-based menu, including a dairy-free cake.

The Princess is a fan of chic, health-conscious restaurant, the Detox Kitchen, in central London, which serves healthy snacks and takeaway meals, juices, and smoothies.

She explained: “For lunch, I walk over to the Detox Kitchen, which is right across Regent Street in Kingly Court.

“They do the best food, all healthy. There’s often a queue outside.

“I try to not eat at my desk because it’s good to go outside, especially in the summer, and it’s always fun to explore Soho.”

Eugenie doesn’t drink alcohol often, but when she does, she opts for something light that is low in calories.

She said: “My favourite drink is vodka soda with loads of lime. Can’t beat that.”

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