John Collier’s mission is nothing less than changing and improving the way health care is delivered.

He founded Proactive MD to be a catalyst for that change.

“Health care impacts us all, and health care as we know it is broken,” says Collier, CEO of the company he founded in 2016.

“When patients get the transformative primary care they deserve, and health care providers are empowered to practice medicine the way they trained, patients’ lives are changed.”

John Collier founded Proactive MD in 2016 with the goal of lowering health care costs and improving patient care.

Headquartered in Simpsonville, Proactive MD partners primarily – but not exclusively – with large companies and organizations that face the rising costs of health care and health insurance for their employees.

Some of Proactive MD’s clients might have a health center on-site. Others might direct their employees to a facility nearby.

Locally, the City of Mauldin and the City of Simpsonville together contracted with Proactive MD to provide employees with unlimited access to a broad scope of primary care, including on-site labs, prescriptions and patient advocacy, for a flat monthly fee paid by the cities.

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