Anyone who wants to see a performance of “Beauty and the Beast” should purchase their tickets now while they’re still available.

Mineral Area Fine Arts Academy Theater Director Jason Carr said although tickets are still available for each of the five performances, they’re selling fast.

“I’ve had people tell me after the last two musicals that they wanted to come but tickets sold out before they were able to get them,” he said. “So don’t take a chance. Go get them now!”

“Beauty and the Beast” takes place at the Mineral Area College Fine Arts Theater July 20-23 at 7 p.m. A final performance on July 24 takes place at 3 p.m.

“I can’t wait to show the audience what this cast is capable of,” said Carr. “Every show we do, the talent pool just gets deeper and deeper.”

He said he’s especially excited to see large groups like this “when things start clicking.”

Carr added, “There are some absolutely breathtaking moments in this show.”

For this production, several moving pieces with many set changes will take the place of a bigger permanent set.

In addition, a pit band will be led by Isaac Hallock and Amanda Dement. Some MAFAA and high school students will be part of the pit band.

“It’s a great learning experience for the students,” said Carr, “and this will help cultivate musicians for future productions.”

The “Beauty and the Beast” cast includes Josh Politte, narrator; Lyn Ruess, Old Beggar Woman/Enchantress; Melody Francis, Belle; Tiffany Gallaher, Belle (understudy); Brian Womble, Maurice; Tucker Juliette, Gaston; Jimmy Morey, Lefou; Van Kleppe, Monsieur D’Arque; Kaity Conaway, Cogsworth; Chase Glore, Lumiere; Katie Orr, Babette; Dawn Fuemmeler, Mrs. Potts; Kama Wolk, Chip; Abbi Hallock, Madame De La Grande Bouche; Sam Gallaher, The Beast; Matthew Standing Eagle, The Beast’s Body Double; Rachel Deidiker, Madeline Joyce, Tiffany Gallaher, Beth Francis, Carista Davis, Destiny Matysik, Aubrianne Singer and London Miscisin, Gaston’s Silly Girls; Jackson Follis, Isaiah Dement, Parker Shinn, Eli Hallock, Toly McFarland, Ted Barnhouse, Ashton Dane, Trenton Kelley, Drake Williams, Ricco Marler and Reagan Means, male ensemble; Rachel St. Pierre, Ellie Womble, Faith Smothers, Lauren Jackson, Allison Morey, Sophie Haferkamp, Ryley Heady, Abigail Rose Kahn, Christon Hahn, Courtlyn Dane, Ashlyn Webb, Jersey Hagerty, Claire Francis, Penelope Cureton, Eloise Burd, Molli Reid, Aubry Hancock, Tiffany Black, Machaelyn Stokes, Lilygrace Hallock, Emma Spiker and Maddie Coles, female ensemble; Madeline Joyce, dance captain; Edwin Carr, Jackson Follis, Isaiah Dement, Ashton Dane and Toly McFarland, wolves; and townspeople Michaelyn Stokes, Toly McFarland, Emma Spiker, Rachel St. Pierre, Parker Shinn, Ellie Womble, Faith Smothers, Allison Morey, Eli Hallock, Ted Barnhouse, Christon Hahn, Aubry Hancock, Andrew Russell, Drake Williams, Sophie Haferkamp, Ryley Heady, Abigail Rose Kahn and Ricco Marler.

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