Teen Beauty At present, beauty does not only belong to those who have a thin, tall. Slender body and bright white skin. At present beauty is no longer judged only by physical appearance alone, but is also assessed on many aspects. Today’s Teen Beauty

Here are tips to meet today’s beauty trends:

Today’s Teen Beauty

1. Be confident

At present those who are brave and confident are able to attract the attention of many people. People who are confident also have more value in the eyes of many people.

2. Personal Branding

Good personal branding is a plus for those who want to follow current beauty trends. Because good personal branding makes people easily attracted because of that person’s personal branding.

3. Unique

Unique, being different doesn’t always make you a weakness but can also be a strength. Because being unique and different makes people easier to remember, especially for those who look quirky. Today’s beauty standards are no longer based on just that. Today’s beauty must also support “body positivity” which respects and provides added value to all women.

3 ways to make facial skin moist & glowing

If you want moist and glowing facial skin, you don’t have to go to a beauty clinic. Here are some ways you can do it at home. Just reminding you that this method will give different results for each skin type and those of you who have sensitive skin don’t try it carelessly!

1) Using Cucumber As a Face Mask

You can use cucumber as a face mask, you know! You can make a cucumber mask by slicing it in circles and then. You paste it all over your face and let it sit for 10 minutes. You can also puree the cucumber. After it’s smooth, you immediately apply it to your face and wait for it to dry.

This cucumber mask has the effect of helping to cleanse the skin and tighten pores as well as moisturize facial skin. It’s no wonder Korean people’s faces are moist because Koreans still do this technique to keep their faces moisturised.


2) Routinely Doing Facial Scrubs

One way to keep your face moisturised and glowing is by scrubbing your facial skin. You can do a facial scrub using natural ingredients such as sugar mixed with honey or black coffee mixed with a little water. Don’t scrub your face every day because it will irritate your facial skin.

If your skin is easily irritated because you use natural ingredients, you can buy special facial scrub products. Doing facial scrubs can be done 2 times a week. Facial scrubs function to remove dead skin cells so that the skin is brighter and glowing.

3) Using Real Honey As A Face Mask

The last way you can use real honey as a face mask, you know !! You can directly apply enough real honey to your face, without having to mix other ingredients. If the original honey has been smeared onto the face. Wait for 5-10 minutes until the honey dries up a little. The benefits of this original honey mask are to moisturize your skin and make your face more glowing.

Well, now you know how to make your face moisturised and glowing, right? This method can be done at home without having to go to a beauty clinic. I remind you once again that the method above worked on my facial skin. Okay, on every skin the results will be different. The method above can make your facial skin moist and glowing. If you consistently do it Goodbye dry and dull face !!