The resources are endless for those seeking to lose weight. From complex diets to different exercise routines, there are many things one can do to lose weight. What is difficult, however, is knowing what method will work for you. There is no overnight method by which to lose weight; every approach requires persistence and dedication. Before you complicate your weight loss journey, understanding the basics of weight loss is essential. Here are 6 helpful tips that will build the foundation of your weight loss journey.


1.    Food Journaling

Food journaling is a great way to keep track of your food intake and weight loss journey. While most people know that they want to lose weight and so must eat healthily, they don’t actively keep their weight loss goals in mind. A food journal will keep reminding you of what your long-term goals are, and you can check your weekly progress. If they’re any fluctuations in your weight, you will know what exactly caused it since you can go back and take a look at your journal. It is also efficient in taking notes about your diet, determining what foods you need to keep eating, which to reduce, and which to increase.

2.    What You Eat Matters More Than Exercise

There has always been a debate regarding exercise vs. diet and people, misguidedly, tend to lean towards exercise. It is however the complete opposite; it is easier to lose weight by regulating your food intake than by exercising. The number of calories you wish to burn through exercising you could have avoided gaining in the first place by eating healthily. Alongside dieting, you can take your pick of the top weight loss pills to make the process easier, but always consult a doctor before doing so. If you plan on losing a ton of weight, then following a diet designed to meet your weight loss goals will help you further. Exercise is more useful for strength and muscle building. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t exercise at all; regular physical activity is also essential to optimize your weight loss.

3.    Reduce Carbohydrate Intake

Everybody says to eat healthily, but what exactly does that even mean? Each individual has different food requirements to meet their needs, and this goes for weight loss too. Eating fewer carbohydrates is the easiest way to lose body fat. Reducing your carbs intake will decrease your appetite helping you lose weight. Low carb diets also lead to a quick loss in water weight, which gives people fast and evident results. You can also take fat burning supplements to assist you with the process. Do remember that no matter what you do somebody else’s diet may not work for you because yours and their long-term goals might be different. There are, however, certain dietary rules that work for everyone.


4.    Eat More Proteins and Fibers

While carbohydrates need to be cut down on, your protein and fiber intake should increase. Proteins help with reducing cravings and boosting metabolism. Proteins not only help you lose weight, but they also help you maintain this loss. They are especially useful when it comes to losing abdominal fat. Incorporate high protein foods into your diet such as eggs, meat, nuts, fish, and dairy products. Eating fiber-rich foods will also assist with weight loss. Soluble fiber takes longer to digest; so, you feel full after a meal for a longer period of time and therefore won’t be needing to eat very frequently. Fiber-rich foods include leafy green vegetables and fruits.

5.    Food Prep

It is hard to keep track of carbohydrates and proteins and what amount you can eat each meal. Checking all these factors before eating each time can be exhausting and confusing. The best way to go about this is through food prep. At the start of each week, plan out all your meals and prepare them as much as you can. From complete meals to in-between snacks, plan it all, so that during the week you won’t be staring at the back of food packages to check their contents. It makes losing weight an easier process since you’ll have a clear idea about what you’re eating each day.

6.    Physical Activity

Extensive exercising may not be necessary for weight loss in the initial stages, but you do need to engage in physical activities on a daily basis. Rather than doing intensive training in the gym, try walking, running, and swimming, which will help you reduce abdominal fat. Regular mild exercise is also essential for maintaining your physical health. An hour of walking or running per day will help you optimize your weight loss and eating healthy alongside this will make weight loss an easier goal to achieve.

Every individual’s body responds differently to workout routines and diets. There is no one tried and tested method that will help with everyone’s weight loss goals. You have to modify your methods to meet your needs. The tips we’ve given you are general ones that form the basis of what you should keep in mind. Incorporating these 6 tips into your daily life will help immensely with your weight loss journey.


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