Are you struggling with your post-quarantine weight gain and looking to make a lifestyle change that will give you back your confidence and reshape your physique? Have you gotten tired of exhausting workouts and you just need something to decrease your appetite, burn fat quickly and lead to rapid weight loss without depleting your energy and motivation?

Then we’ve got great news for you because we dived into the 2022 market and gathered five excellent weight loss supplements’ drops that will make for quick weight loss and aid you lose belly fat, detox, reduce bloating, and eliminate cravings!

The 5 Best Weight loss Drops on the Market

1. Nutravit Diet Drops
2. Complex Diet Drops
3. Official HCG Diet Drops
4. TLC IASO Diet Duo Resolution & Life Weight Loss Drops
5. Bio Origins Diet Drops for Men and Women

Top 5 Best Weight Loss Diet Drops on the Market – Reviewed and Rated



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We have gathered some of the safest and most effective drop supplements that will help accelerate your metabolism of fat, decrease your appetite and boost your chances to clean fat from areas that are often difficult to target and reduce. They are all perfectly valid options – however, the Nutravit Diet Drops are THE best choice you can make at the moment. 

Nutravit is a new, up-and-coming player in the weight loss supplements field, and from what we have seen so far, they are here to stay! Their brand new drops’ potent formula has been specifically designed to give a solution for easy weight loss; how to reach our weight goal without having to kill ourselves in the gym. In other words, what can help you lose weight, and take charge of your body shape, while also providing essential nutrition and not depriving you of energy and positive vibes?

And that is how Nutravit’s first product, the Nutravit liquid dietary supplement came to life!

The result of clinical research on what to use and how to combine it was a weight loss supplement that consists of a powerful, hormone-free complex of selected amino, vitamins, and herbal extracts which boast ingredients medically known to promote fat loss by detoxifying your immune and digestive system while organically prompting your body to start using its fat storage for energy and mental creativity!

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Let’s take a closer look at some of our key active extracts and other ingredients, along with what they can do for you. 

● L-Ornithine: It improves your overall mood and well-being when it comes to mental performance, which means it can help you remain adamant and stick to your goals during your weight loss program period. 
● Gymnema Sylvestre Leaf Extract: It is a natural taste receptors blocker. Simply put, it makes your taste-receptors more resistant to your favorite sweet flavors, which in turn ensures that you will consume less of them, and reduce your caloric intake without difficulty. 
● Grapefruit Extract: It has been shown to have the capacity of reducing insulin levels in your blood. Since insulin plays an important part in your metabolism, this extract can lead you toward your desired scale number. 
● L-Tryptophan: Many reports show that L-Tryptophan could be able to manage your appetite, so it couldn’t be missing from our weight loss supplement. This ingredient is a precursor to serotonin, and it’s no secret that serotonin aids greatly in metabolic process regulation and appetite control. 
● Rhodiola Rosea Extract: When our energy is lowered, we tend to go straight to the fridge, because our glucose levels drop; Rhodiola extract gives a boost to our energy, and subsequently helps calm our need to munch and kill our calorie limit for the day!
● Fucoxanthin Extract: After a series of studies performed on animals, it has been indicated that, if taken on a long-term basis, the Nutravit dietary liquid supplement can possibly lead to a significant loss of weight. This is because it is thought to increase the resting energy expenditure and to reduce the fat tissue (else known as adipose tissue). 

Other ingredients of professional-grade formulated Nutravit drops for weight loss, all of them well-known for their abilities to promote healthy and quick pound-dropping, are L-Carnitine, L-Arginine, Beta-Alanine, Siberian & Panax Ginseng, Capsicum Annum Extract, Green Tea Extract and Citric Acid; in other words, a multitude of weapons for your fight against stubborn belly and thick thighs!

Each 2oz. (60mL) bottle costs …. and contains approximately 120 servings which will last you for 25 days. 

To sum up, Nutravit is specially formulated to lead to faster weight loss without breaking your spirit and make your energy levels kneel – all while providing your body with nutrients, amino acids, vitamins, and herbal extracts that will help your mind stay focused and your body strong in order to achieve your weight loss goals in as short time as possible!

3+1 Weight Loss Tips To Help Your Weight Loss Program Shape Up Your Curves In No Time!

Nutravit Weight Loss Liquid Supplement shares with us a few precious fat-burning tips to save us time and effort. 

✔ Drink Plenty Of Water – Drinking great amounts of water will combine with Nutravit Drops’ detoxifying extracts, thus giving your body the boost to start destroying those hidden fat cells super quickly. 
✔ Eat At Least Three Meals – And don’t forget your drops about 15 minutes before you do so. Eating small meals means keeping your body’s metabolism in constant working status, while maintaining your glucose at the same levels, thus steadying any sudden sweet or salt cravings during the day!
✔ Don’t Just Watch Your Calories – Sure, if you regularly take your Nutravit drops and keep under a caloric maximum you will shed those pounds; however, 200 calories from a bar of chocolate and 200 from brown rice aren’t exactly the same thing. Try to eat as many veggies, fruits, and protein as you can to lose those pounds safely and healthily!
✔ Maintain A Regular Sleep Schedule – You’re doing all it takes – drink your water, steadily eat your three meals, keep an eye on what and how much you eat, and boost all your efforts with Nutravit diet drops, good for you! All you need to do then is make sure your body is well-rested so that it can keep metabolizing fat, and you will have your beach body ready in no time! 

So, if you came here looking for healthy ways to lose weight, speed up your metabolic rate and take natural weight loss to the maximum possible point, all with the help of a trustworthy, professional-grade dietary supplement and without all the time-consuming, pant-sweating gym exercises, we highly recommend that you tried the Nutravit Weight Loss Drops! We’ve tried them, tested them, and seen the results ourselves – if you don’t believe us, then you can believe their own Money Back Guarantee!

Don’t wait any longer! Summer is almost here, it’s time to try one of the easiest ways to lose weight, by simply keeping a few drops of Nutravit under your tongue before your meals – you definitely won’t believe how simple and effortless losing weight can be!

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You’re looking through our article because you want what most of us want; a lean physique without having to go through painful workouts and lifting heavy weights, ending up exhausted and unmotivated to keep doing it. Complex Diet Drops by BioSource Labs is the second-best answer to our “can’t lose weight” problems. Their liquid dietary supplement boasts a hormone-free formula, and perfectly natural ingredients and promises to optimize your metabolic rate and help you get slim and fit in no time at all!

Packed with 24 amino acids, multiple vitamins, and potent herbal extracts, yet guaranteeing no harmful side effects at all due to their organic nature, these drops will help diminish your sugar pangs by managing your blood sugar levels and fire-starting your metabolic rate. 

As soon as you get them, you will be able to connect to an online weight loss tracker that will help you regulate your caloric intake and share with you low-fat, low-calorie recipes to keep you motivated in order to get that dream body of yours!

It should be noted that in order for Complex Diet Drops to fully work wonders, they come with a VLCD (Very Low Caloric Diet) and BioSource Labs will let you know the exact caloric intake you need to keep during each phase with a printed instructions sheet to make your life even easier!

One regular (2 oz, 60mL) bottle of BioSource Lab’s Complex Diet Drops costs $34.95; a dual-pack will save you $4, as it costs $64.95. Each bottle contains approximately 120 servings which, according to the company, should be enough for a 30-day period span, since they suggest you take about 0,5mL three times a day, 15 minutes before each of your main meals. 

But if you still feel like you haven’t found the perfect combination of potent ingredients’ formula, quick and reliable results, and affordable pricing, well, come meet our top pick for 2022, the 3-1 drop supplement we highly recommend; the Nutravit Diet Drops!



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When it comes to slimming your thighs and belly fat, we all know how Human Chorionic Gonadotropin aka HCG can make a difference. The Official HCG Diet drops come to you with a strict diet plan that you should definitely hold on to like a bible; otherwise, you will see less than the interesting results many of their users have seen!

As soon as you confirm your purchase, the company will send you a specific guide diet manual, and a weight loss log, along with a list of recipes, all in PDF format. And this is where you need to pay attention; their reviewers claim that you need to stick with those no matter how boring they might feel at times – because that’s how some people got to lose even up to 3-4 pounds a day. 

Their product formula is based on Colloidal Mineral Water, which makes their drops taste quite neutral. It also contains Vitamin B12 and several other ingredients which promote liver and adrenal metabolizing rhythms as well as thyroid gland health, which plays an enormous part in your system’s ability to burn those stubborn fat cells. 

But there is a catch here as well; apart from having to strictly follow their dietary plan and instructions to enjoying weight loss, many people find that those drops’ price is a little beyond what they’d like to spend on drops for losing weight, no matter how much they want it. 
Moneywise, the Official HCG Drops are rounding up a 2 oz. (60mL) bottle to $79, which includes same-day shipping. However, the 4 oz. bottle costs $99 – this means you’re saving $50 if you get two at once. One bottle will last you about 21 days and the 4 oz. one about 45 days. 

However, if you’re in for an even better value for money weight loss drops suggestion, then stay with us until our first place weight loss drops supplement – we’re almost there!



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This cellular metabolism and energy levels enhancing supplement by Total Life Changes is here to play a vital role in increasing your body’s ability to metabolize fat and carbs along with amino acids. It also helps tone down the craving for sweets and unhealthy snacks, but to also keep your weight loss motivation to a maximum.
One of their most important claims is about your energy. Reducing the intake of calories to 1200 – 800 as proposed usually leads to you feeling tired and unmotivated. The TLC Iaso Diet Weight Loss Drops, however, promise to help you fight any feelings of fatigue or tiredness and allow you to remain vigorous and energetic. 

The drops’ flavor, according to customers’ reviews, is mildly refreshing and has a minty-sort of aftertaste that most of them find pleasant. And, of course, when it comes to slimming your figure, which is the primary reason one would get them, they seem to be able to do the trick and help you minimize your waist diameter after two to three weeks – so maybe TLC are your way to say goodbye to belly fat!

Now getting to the cons. It seems that some reviewers were not really happy to find out that their package was missing the dietary book guide which provides with vital nutritional info and optimum meal plans to have while taking the drops for effective and easy weight loss. That’s why they’ve ranked as our 4th best weight loss drops’ suggestion.
Concerning the price, TLC drops are also a little steeper than most, with one bottle of 2 fl. Oz (60Ml) costing $64.50. The proposed way of serving is for you to take about 15 drops before your meal, three times a day, which means that one bottle lasts approximately 20-25 days. 

Do you need an efficient and smart way to lose your stubborn belly fat quickly, but without having to pay an arm and a leg to do so? Then follow us to check out our No 1 drops for weight management and getting a picture-worthy body!

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Bio Origins company is a solid player when it comes to providing you with quality supplements and dietary aids, and their Diet Drops for Men & Women do not fall short of this. It is a potent, helpful supplement that will help you suppress your appetite while still being energetic and on the move. 

Containing an array of natural ingredients such as Astragalus and Maca Root, Rhodiola Extract, and Organic Grape Alcohol, the Bio Origins management aid promises to keep your hunger pangs to a minimum. Combined with their suggested low carb, low-calorie diet, most of the drops’ users have had noticeable weight loss results, starting even a week after beginning to take the drops regularly!

The drops also have antioxidant and cleansing capacities, while also supporting your body’s system in order to keep blood and cholesterol levels to a low level. A lot of its reviewers have also mentioned that bloating incidents had decreased and that they could feel the antioxidant, while their energy remained intact.
All in all, those drops seem to be a decent choice, since they can indeed help you lower the scale number without an insufferable amount of exercise – but it does seem crucial that you follow strictly their meal and low-calorie diet guide if you want true results.

On the con side, the Berry Flavor of the dietary supplement drops by Bio Origins does not seem to agree with most of its takers’ palates. People claimed that the taste was at best neutral and, in some cases, not easily forgotten by their mouth. This is what brings those weight loss drops to our Number 5. 

The average bottle price is $29.99, and it contains 2 fl. Oz (60mL) or 120 servings. They suggest that you take 2-3 servings per day, about 10 minutes before your meals which roughly translates to one bottle lasting you approximately for 1,5 month. 

But stay with us, because if you want to know how to really reset your craving needs and metabolism, there’s an even better choice that awaits you on our Number One pick!

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Let’s take you through a quick Q&A about weight loss drops supplements. 

5+1 Things You Want To Ask About Diet Drops Supplements!

1. How Can Drops Help Me Lose Weight Quickly? 

They will help you boost your metabolism and thus kickstart your body’s ability to consume fat in a rapid manner. Depending on their ingredients’ formula and a low-fat diet (i.e. a 1200 calorie diet), weight loss drops can be one of or maybe the best way to lose weight for you!

2. Why Choose Drops Over Weight Loss Pills?

Because a) they are the only choice if you’re constantly on the go, so you don’t have to worry about having water with you to take them, like pills, and b) because you have trouble swallowing pills or tablets. 

3. Should I take them if I have the XYZ medical condition?

Due to their most natural ingredients, our selection of best hcg drops  is unlikely to affect your health in any negative way; however, you should always consult your physician before taking any health supplement. 

4. Can I Take Them Combined With Atkins Diet Or Low Carb Diet Or Diabetic Diet Or Even Vegan Diet Meal Plans?

If you are on a vegan diet, you should probably check the drops’ label to ensure they are vegan; however, most of them are made with fully natural ingredients and herbal extracts, making them quite a safe choice. About protein diets, diabetic diets, Mediterranean diets and other diet plans, yes, they can be combined with various eating styles, as long as you make sure to remain healthy and strong!

5. I Want To Take Both Weight Loss Drops & Diet Pills, Can I Do That?

That may not be ideal as using both supplements might decrease your appetite to a point where it’s longer safe for your body – but in the end, it is up to your personal nutrition advisor and/or physician to make this decision with you!

6. What are your criteria for choosing this 2022 Top 5 Diet Drops For Losing Weight?

We have tried and conducted thorough research to choose the drops that will help you shed those extra pounds fast and bring you closer to your dream body. We compared their strength, range of powerful ingredients, and then we summed up their pros and cons!

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