According to a clinical nutritionist, there are two essential amino acids that the body uses to shed the kilos and burn excess fat which will help people reach their end goals sooner. But Suzie Sawyer from Aminoscience, revealed many people are deficient in these keys compounds, which could be why they aren’t losing weight at the desired rate.

She said: “It’s a fact that amino acids are essential for life and of course, are vital for our health.

“However, there are nine essential amino acids that the body can’t make.”

In simple terms, people need to either consume them or supplement them to ensure they avoid deficiency.

Suzie added: “If you’re one of many Brits currently trying to lose weight then peptide hormones could become your new best friends.”

She went on to explain how they work in comparison to weight loss, and it turns out there are two key amino acids that are a “dietary must”.

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The expert said: “To shed the kilos and burn excess fat, there are two essential amino acids – leucine and arginine – that are a dietary must and are used to produce these peptide hormones.

“The hormones are insulin, glucagon, and our satiety regulators and play a major role in blood sugar balance which is a key driver for losing weight.

“To avoid deficiencies, specifically when trying to burn fat, then the new Aminoscience Metabolism Support ticks all the boxes as it will plug any dietary gaps and get you to the end goal sooner.”

Suzie explained that the food supplement specifically contains the key compounds leucine, arginine, and vitamin B6, plus thermogenic botanicals that speed up metabolism, such as green tea extract, guarana, and green coffee bean.

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The nutritionist recommended eating protein with every meal to promote good blood sugar balance, as deficiencies often arise from “simply not eating sufficient protein overall”.

Protein can also help with achieving weight loss goals.


The other amino acid which is also “vital” when it comes to shedding pounds is arginine.

Foods that are rich sources of arginine include:






“As with all nutrients, nothing works in isolation and leucine needs some friends too. Specifically, leucine is very dependent on vitamin B6, which is, helpfully, found in all the same food sources, including fortified cereals.”

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