After a very turbulent time marred with family misfortunes, Anna Sunderland realised she had to make a change for both herself and her children. The 38-year-old mother-of-four decided to ditch popular faddy diets and make a proper change.

And she hasn’t looked back since.

Her world turned upside down a few years ago after her second marriage failed and her son was born very poorly.

With her anxiety getting worse by the day, Anna found herself overweight and feeling ill all the time.

It was only after she was rushed to hospital with a suspected stroke with her four children and four pets at home that she decided to take back control of her life.

She started to set the wheels in motion by changing her eating, putting a stop to drinking and partying and refusing to feel sorry for herself.

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She took up weight training – she wanted strength, not just for her body but also her mental attitude.

She soon went from doing no exercise at all to training every single day, morning and night, eating a high protein based diet and taking her turmeric and Hapi Hemp CBD oil supplements.

“These are my daily supplements and I would struggle without them,” she explained.

“Turmeric helps my inflammation and Hapi Hemps CBD products have been amazing for my mental health and sleep and pain when I have overdone it at the gym.

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“I like to now be up at the crack of dawn to exercise so sleep is very important to me.”

As her passion for fitness grew, Anna now is now a qualified personal trainer, full of energy with a positive attitude towards life.

Since her health journey began, she added adventure trekking to her list of things to do and regularly takes herself off to climb mountains.

And this year, she ticked off the biggest one yet – by climbing Mount Everest.

“I love to challenge myself and I am now in such a good place,” she said.

“My head and body are in tune and I count my blessings everyday now for what I have.

“With everything that is going on in the world right now with Covid it would have been easy to fall back into that dark place and let the anxiety eat away at me.

“Two years ago, I wouldn’t have coped, now I embrace each day as it comes.”

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