Ayesha Curry undoubtedly has a busy schedule as a chef, mother of three, magazine guru, designer of a cute cookware line, and New York Times best-selling author. She is invariably the focal point in the social media pictures she posts of herself and the gorgeous Curry family.

Ayesha Curry’s career wasn’t as straightforward as you may have thought.

She began with multiple guest appearances in television series and movies and then drew public recognition. She soon began presenting her own program, Ayesha’s Homemade, on the Food Network.

After losing 35 lbs, the Canadian-American actress recently discussed her journey toward fitness and wellness, noting that she did it her way. She’s currently offering followers a sneak glimpse into her eating habits.

Ayesha Curry’s Secret to Fitness

Ayesha Curry shares her approach to eating and says that she has grown to value exercise more over time.

“Fitness wasn’t really a part of my lifestyle and I’d say the past year and a half post having all of my kids, it’s really become a staple for me and it helps me have mental clarity”, she had said.

Curry discussed how, partly due to taking up Fitbit Premium, she could lose an astonishing 35 lbs during the coronavirus outbreak.

Here are some of the secret tips shared by Ayesha Curry that have helped her:

1. Portion control

Ayesha carefully considers everything she puts into her body, and she places more importance on how much she consumes. She tries to stick to healthy, delicious cuisine in moderation and greatly values portion management over the kind of diet.

The Fitbit app helped her keep track of the food she consumes, and her watch shows how many calories she needs to reach her daily target.

2. Cardio and Weightlifting

Curry started her fitness journey despite having a busy schedule by making time—even just a few minutes—to work out. She admitted that she hates the phrase balance, but the best strategy, in her opinion, is to tailor each workout to your needs.

She enjoys short workouts by combining weightlifting and cardio. Core body strength exercises, leg and glute exercises, arm circuits, and HIIT bodyweight exercises are a few exercises she mixes up and does regularly.

Curry joined a gym close to her house and went 5 days a week to lose weight. She would work out with rigorous cardio for an hour there. A hot bath followed to make her feel better.

3. Quick and Healthy Recipes

Ayesha has long been renowned for her delectable cuisine, but when she started dieting, she turned her attention to filling, quick-to-prepare meals.

It had to match her hectic schedule and, as Ayesha stated in an Instagram post, she needs “fast healthy recipes” to guide her in making the proper dietary choices.

Ayesha Curry Diet Routine

Wondering what Curry eats on a typical day? Her average daily diet is as follows:


Curry starts each day with a cup of coffee, which she makes in different ways depending on whether she’s been fasting or not.

If she is intermittently fasting, she’ll do it with some grass-fed butter and some MCT oil.

The 31-year-old prefers to add a little bit of Coffee-mate’s French vanilla cream butter for a very potent coffee on days when she is not fasting.

Ayesha Curry rarely eats anything other than breakfast, and she has a tried-and-tested recipe she enjoys cooking.


Curry frequently struggles to find time for a midday meal because she is a busy mom. The author often prefers to exercise before lunch. She chooses an arugula or spinach salad with a seared protein on the side like shrimp, salmon, or tuna when she does have a few minutes to eat lunch.

She loves a good poppyseed dressing on her salad, with a dash of salt and pepper, and some form of chocolate protein shake.


Ayesha typically just drinks some healthy beverages throughout the afternoon because she doesn’t eat many snacks. She explained that she usually sips water or herbal tea till dinnertime. She prefers herbal tea and adores products that have chamomile and lavender.

But when she does feel hungry, she likes jicama, banana chips, or a half-banana. “I also like to nibble on carrot sticks with hummus or ranch-flavored chickpeas. They are delicious.”


Ayesha loads her supper plate with plenty of vegetables and lean protein. Dinnertime comes around so quickly, she mentions that she frequently turns to the sheet pan supper. She simply places everything on a sheet pan and bakes it at a high temperature.

The sheet pan will likely be filled with plenty of green material. As Ayesha explains, “We’re like a broccoli, asparagus, and Brussel sprouts family.” They just love green vegetables.

Wrapping Up

Ayesha has demonstrated that nothing is impossible by dropping a lot of weight in such a short time. Many of us use lack of time as an excuse for not going to the gym. Or that life is too hectic for us. Curry, however, disproved this viewpoint. Ayesha Curry has shown what we are capable of if we stop wasting time on excuses.

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